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Recently Listed in Baytown

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
4502 Ponderosa Dr, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$122,0003/21,9161
1505 Ward Rd #157, Baytown, TX, 77520Townhouse / Condo$29,5001/16791
3911 Copper Crk, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$269,9004/22,5022
1705 Southwood Dr, Baytown, TX, 77520Single Family$139,9006/34,0092
523 Hillhurst Dr, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$174,0003/33,2842
7818 Autumn Falls, Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$153,0003/22,2802
2422 Doral Dr, Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$159,9003/21,8391
8011 Sugar Cane Dr, Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$137,5003/21,6311
4418 Firebrush, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$188,9344/22,0702
8119 Beaver, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$147,9004/21,8771
10307 Country Squire Blvd, Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$169,9004/22,9602
804 Brentwood Dr, Baytown, TX, 77520Single Family$112,5003/21,9931
2319 Bay Hill Dr, Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$149,9003/22,0661
4515 ESTATE, BAYTOWN, TX, 77521Single Family$134,9003/21,6601
6902 Hazelnut, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$261,9904/22,5132
6703 Bienville Ave, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$189,9004/22,7782
4114 Copper Crk, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$239,5003/22,5581
8006 Pine Wood Ct, Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$240,0003/22,0731
9611 Pinehurst St, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$135,0004/21,5801
8214 Broadleaf Avenue, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$249,7904/32,8272

Recently Sold Listings in Baytown

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
5110 Pepper Mill St, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,1521
803 Friars Ln, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/22,3741
4534 Castleview Drive, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$185,001 - $215,0004/22,4852
5411 Nautilus Ln, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,3501
770 Hunt Rd #214, Baytown, TX, 77521Townhouse / Condo$105,001 - $120,0002/21,5662
4711 Black Rock St, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$90,001 - $105,0003/21,1211
8339 Bay Harbor Cr., Baytown, TX, 77523Single Family$215,001 - $250,0003/22,0441
4915 Bentonite, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$140,001 - $160,0003/22,1502
3815 Hardin Rd, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,7421
4134 Arapajo St, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,7561
2319 NOLAN ROAD, BAYTOWN, TX, 77520Single Family$60,001 - $70,0003/21,1721
5302 Cilantro Ln, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/22,6952
1302 Adams St, Baytown, TX, 77520Single Family$90,001 - $105,0003/12,1001
6 Quailwood Dr, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$105,001 - $120,0002/21,4301
5339 ALOE AVE, BAYTOWN, TX, 77521Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/22,3732
6807 Hunters Trace Ln, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,7941
1127 TREASURE CT, BAYTOWN, TX, 77521Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,2702
321 Greenbriar, Baytown, TX, 77520Single Family$105,001 - $120,0004/21,6161
4406 Ambrosia Lane, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,8571
4210 Laine Lane, Baytown, TX, 77521Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,1702

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Senior Living in Baytown

Name Address
Shady Creek 1220 Knowlton Drive

Golf Courses in Baytown

Name Address
Evergreen Point Golf Course 1530 Evergreen Rd
Goose Creek Country Club 5000 Country Club View

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Find Baytown schools and other information about the educational environment in Baytown. View ratings on Baytown schools and get the academic performance for each school in Baytown.
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Middle School in Baytown
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